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Our Programs 

Our Story

25 years have passed since the first therapy course, it began in 1998 in Spain, when the founder of Sense of Health was studying social work at that time, and by chance decided to take an aroma therapy course. Jenny Vidal says: “The moment I started working with the oils I realized that I knew this or had done it at another time.” From that moment on, the search for courses that were related to therapy and personal care began, where he began studying the first course, a specialist in sports and injuries. “I was interested in how to keep my body healthy and continue doing sports injury-free and always doing what I like.” After the therapies in Spain, there was a connection with a team of cyclists that competed in that country, it was the Ireland team. At that time, the Kerry team was invited to participate in the return to Ireland. When Jenny met Killarney, she never wanted to leave that beautiful place again. She started working in a hotel doing massages, then she was on the team of another hotel, and finally she chose to become independent and specialize in the UK, India, and Thailand to give her better care. to his clients. Each year that has passed has become a year of learning self-care and always with a reason and purpose, to help people. It doesn't matter where they come from, what matters is where we are going.

What Our
Comm Say

“The massages and the passion that Jenny puts into each of her massages makes it a unique experience.”


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