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Kundalini Yoga Lotus


Our Story

My name is Jenny Vidal

Sense of yoga was born 20 years aThe story of Sense of Yoga is incredible, it was born from the need for a yoga instructor who existed at that time in a hotel in Killarney. It was when Jenny Vidal made the decision to study in the UK, then in India and Thailand, all of this in search of that something that would help balance the inner self and spirituality, that is, that holistic something that when it was found was a saying. oh yes, it was what my life needed. Sense of yoga started with its classes in hotel gyms, renting the room and the hotels helped me in the promotion. Then the classes began in a house that would allow more space for their clients.


Jenny Vidal says: “20 years ago and to this day, my goal is not to give the meaning of yoga, but rather yoga makes sense to me.”

“For me, yoga is a way of living, an ancient philosophy of life, it makes sense to me, living in a practice, so, the same with the sense of health, for something personal, I began to learn to take care of myself, always thinking about how to be healthy, in balance, physically and emotionally".


What our instructor says

"Sense of Yoga Ireland is a space for anyone willing to practice Yoga for the first time or for those who already enjoy this practice and want to continue improving physically, increase their energy, and connect with themselves".

Jenny Vidal

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