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Jugos Detox


Detox with fresh juices.

This includes a tailor-made program specific to you, involving a personal consultation and the completion of an in-depth questionnaire.  A personally tailored juice program is developed for you to:


  1. Encourage the body to release excess toxins.

  2. Reinforce the immune system.

  3. Help with weight loss.

  4. Improve skin conditions.

¿ How it works?


  1. Make an appointment and get all details during a consultation.

  2. Check your calendar and choose the dates when you are free, (a detoxification program needs preparation before and after.

  3. Once you have done the consultation, decide on your days and the program begins.

  4. You will be guided for what to eat before and after the program.

  5. You can choose between a 1 day, 2 or 3 days or more.

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